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The Big Gift Box you were looking for!


Revolutionize your special event decor with our gigantic Big Gift Box!

Party decoration is hard and it’s always the same old thing – boring streamers, balloons, and other decorations that have become mundane. Get the most out of your event or party with this exciting new product. Big Gift Boxes are re-imagining party decor and adding a little spice to your event. Just fill with whatever you want. Your gift, helium filled balloons, party favors or anything you can imagine. Welcome to the party decoration of the future! Instead of boring decorations that everyone uses, you can use our box as a centerpiece at your next event. We’ve tested it out with both children and adults, and they all loved it!

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Make any celebration WOW!

The big gift box you were looking for to WOW your
Christmas Birthday, Gender Reveal or special event!

Decorate like a pro!

Decorative boxes are a great idea for any birthday party or special event in your life. Our large gift box is spacious enough to hold plenty of small gifts, or something you won’t be able to normally fit in a gift box. When you are throwing a party, giving someone a special present or just want to surprise someone, consider buying the big gift box; it’s perfect. It comes with a 12 inch bow and a wide ribbon and allowing for plenty of room for large items up to 28 inches in any dimension.

It doesn’t stop at just birthdays. It can be used for all special occasions. The ribbon that comes with it can be used to just wrap the lid, or you can wrap it around the entire box for a special centerpiece of your room. Combine it with other decorations for maximum effect! 

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Don’t be boring!

The Big Gift Box looks just like a real gift box, just much bigger! Just use it as an accessory in your decor and make your party look like a million bucks. Perfect for your wedding, housewarming event, or birthday party to impress your friends and family. It’s even large enough to be used for gender reveal parties when combined with a giant pink or blue baloon. Order today for quick shipping to make sure it arrives before your special event!

The box ships flat in a 3x3x30 inch container covered in bubble wrap to protect it from dings and damage during shipping. If you have any questions or concerns about uses, materials, size or what comes with the package, don’t’ hesitate to contact our support team. We reply quickly and we’ll be glad to answer any and all questions you may have.